Are you a modern man?
21/11/2022 14:19 in Gentlemans Journal

The main thing men who describe themselves as “modern” have in common is their lack of care about living up to pre-determined male stereotypes.

The men surveyed said they’d much rather be seen as caring, ethical and open than live up to a “tough” guy persona.

Jochen Schmitz, from Wilkinson Sword, said: “It’s clear from the study that men’s traits and passions have changed greatly over the years.

“It’s good to see how confident men are in themselves and the things they care about, rather than how they conform to outdated stereotypes.

“Men today are also more invested in sustainability and are more eco-conscious than those before them which is positive for the future.

“The list also shows modern men take more pride in their appearance and their passions.”


The researchers put together the top 50 signs of a modern man, which also included liking to read, bake and be affectionate.

Fashion played a large part in it, too.

Understanding how to dress smart-casual and being well-groomed were both clear signs that a man fitted into 2020’s version of modern.

Are you a modern man? Here are the top 50 signs you are.

1. Does their fair share of cleaning
2. Talks openly about their feelings
3. Is comfortable with a woman as their boss/manager
4. Discusses mental health
5. Listens to others
6. Confidently plays with children
7. Is affectionate
8. Is happy to be a 'stay at home dad'
9. Doesn't always feel the need to put on a 'brave face'
10. Stands up against prejudice
11. Is conscious about the environment
12. Keeps active
13. Wants to leave a better planet behind for future generations
14. Is happy to try new things
15. Is well groomed
16. Makes time for their friends
17. Taking pride in their appearance
18. Doesn't judge people
19. Is vigilant about the recycling
20. Is self-assured
21. Makes sustainable choices
22. Is able to provide for their family financially
23. Doesn't have a 'stiff upper lip'
24. Understands how to dress 'smart-casual'
25. Always does what they think is right
26. Could win a fight, but doesn't get into them
27. Will go halves on a date rather than insist on paying
28. Enjoys reading
29. Stands for a cause
30. Gives advice
31. Can put up shelves
32. Faces their fears head-on
33. Has a skincare regime
34. Enjoys baking
35. Gets involved with their community
36. Happy to have a self-pamper night - face mask, bubble bath
37. Interested in style
38. Is a proud feminist
39. Is ruled by their heart, not their head
40. Is able to style his children's hair
41. Gets their beard styled
42. Stands up to their boss
43. Keeps up to date with the latest fashions
44. Wears pink
45. Meditates
46. Drinks cocktails
47. Goes to protests/public events
48. Does yoga
49. Has a cool car
50. Is a vegan if he wants

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