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06/03/2023 16:24 in Gentlemans Journal
Buy us a Coffee. We rely upon your donations to keep our music flowing.
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Donations has kept alive and will hopefully keep us alive for a very long time. Any donation, big or small will make me very grateful and will keep me investing my precious spare time into this project.

My name is Anestis Kalligas and I am the owner of  a startup company from Greece which I started in March 2021, when isolated due to the quarantine my desire   to connect with the world became even greater. I will talk to you about me and my journey so far, so as to confirm in my turn, that the most creative and beautiful things are born through difficulties and a lot of hard work.
As we speak we have more than 100.000 listeners, Now we are growing because people are loving our program. We gave a lot of love to this web radio.
I cannot hide from you that from my savings I spent up to my last euro to get  Elegant Radio in Greece to be in the top of web radios in a very short time. Online ads and endless hours of work. The only ways to escape the quarantine were my studying time, my creative spirit, and a couple of people standing always next to you, and not only during difficult times. I want you also to stand next to me as standing next to a financially small individual but also a dreamer.
"Elegant" is not someone who has money and social status only, but someone who has education, kindness and high levels of spirituality. I spent endless hours to set up a strategy plan, to learn how to buy music copyrights (we have secured intellectual rights for all the music creations from the big corporate licenses rights companies). I also had to cover the expenses for the advertising campaigns,( Iam a digital marketer expert) to build the promo web page, build branding and social media pages and co-ordinate the producers; it felt like working in 10 different positions. Nothing of these could be achieved without the true support in practice by some of the producers of Elegant Radio.
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Thank you for your generosity!
Your name will be forever engrave on our website